Conscious Communications

Conscious Communications

November 5, 2020 - November 10, 2020

Level 2 Conscious Communication
November 5th to 10th, 2020

Empower Your Speaking….Deepen Your Listening!

Conscious communication is the creation of instantaneous resonance with the other person that simultaneously acknowledges them and their reality, and expresses ourselves. Our words communicate, and yet they are surrounded by a host of energies that also communicate. Our gestures and tones communicate. Our presence communicates. Our aura communicates. Each one possesses the potential of a newly planted seed.

In this transformational Kundalini Yoga Level 2 teacher training, we will explore the following themes of Conscious Communication:

The experience of Conscious Communication

Meditative & Intuitive Speaking

The Art of Deep Listening: Sunnia-ai

Mastery of the Fifth Charka & Applied Consciousness

Shadow & Light: Letting Your Presence Speak

Communicating with the Infinite: Prayer, Grace & the Flow of Spirit

Conscious Communication is a 50-hour course with classroom hours and independent study. It is an in-depth transformational learning and teaching experience with a well-designed curriculum, manual, and support materials. Conscious Communication is one of the five modules required for Level 2 certification as a Kundalini Yoga Practitioner.

The training allows time to study, reflect and absorb the concepts presented. You will have time to review information and practice the meditations and kriyas that are given in both the manual and home study guide as well as on the set of DVDs that you receive in the course.

The course emphasizes carefully chosen meditations, kriyas, and readings. All the information is presented in highly interactive learning environments. You will explore topics and discuss them with other students in both small and large groups. You will have the opportunity to practice meditations deeply over an extended time. You will test and observe the application of these techniques and attitudes in your life.

Course Affirmation: “I have integrated conscious communication into all areas of my life. My communication uplifts others to their own consciousness. I represent my whole self directly. I speak each word consciously, understanding that it is witnessed by my own consciousness and supported by the Cosmos. I create harmonious communication even with those who oppose me. I am heard in the hearts of others as I hear and qualify my own words as I speak.”

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Conscious Communications