How to Play the Gong

How to Play the Gong

November 22, 2020

Learn the basics of how to play the Gong

Explore the benefits of the sound and vibration produced by this ancient instrument. During the workshop you will learn how to incorporate the Gong’s healing sound and vibration into your yoga practice and classes as well as how to play the gong for relaxation, meditation, healing and therapeutic uses.

The workshop is suitable for all yoga teachers, yoga students, healers and therapists. An information package containing all the information you need to get started in playing the Gong is provided for you to take home.

The workshop is led by Devinder Kaur, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Gong Player of the Gong Meditation CD “Echo: Meditations for Peace of Heart and Mind”, Devinder Kaur.

This class is limited to 12 participants so please sign up early!

Cost: $75.00 per person.

Visit PranaShanti for more details.

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How to Play the Gong